Submission Instructions

We’re so happy that you’re going to be a part of The Theory of Relativity Virtual Choir! What better way to present a show about human connection than to connect people from around the world through this exciting collaboration. Through the magic of technology, your voice and video will be virtually combined with others to become the thrilling finale of a live performance of the show in Toronto on June 24, 2014.

Here’s what we’d like you to do:

  • Learn a vocal line (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) from the last two minutes of the song Nothing Without You
  • Record a video of yourself singing it along with the video of Neil conducting (see below)
  • Upload the video to Youtube
  • Fill out the submission form below so we can find the video and tell the world who you are

We’ll take it from there, combining all of the videos into a massive choir from around the world.

To make sure we get the best results, keep these factors in mind:

We Want To See You

Make sure your face is well lit. Place yourself in front of a neutral background without any lights, windows, TV or computer screens behind you. Wear bright colors without any visible text or logos.

We Need To Hear You, And Only You

Find a quiet place to make your recording. Turn off fans, air conditioners, heaters or any electronics that make noise. Put pets in another room and tell roommates, family and friends to go out for a coffee until you’re done.

Don’t add any effects or processing to the audio, we need your raw voice to get the best results. Things like Reverb, Echo or Dynamic Control/Compressors will keep us from using your performance.

Wear a good pair of headphones while performing. Ear buds will do just fine. Some people find it easier to perform with only one side of the headphones resting on the ear, that way you can hear yourself and the guide music at the same time. If you have an external microphone, go ahead and use it.

We Want You To Have Fun

We know it can feel strange singing to a computer but since you’ll be seen as well as heard in the final version don’t be afraid to perform. Let your voice and passion soar.

We’ve provided:

  • A link to a demo recording of the song for reference
  • Links to sheet music for each vocal line
  • Conductor videos for each vocal line

In the conductor video you’ll see instructions followed by a countdown. The video shows Neil conducting to the accompaniment with your vocal line prominent. You’ll want to listen and practice a few times before you record your part. (Be meticulous about cut-offs and if you have any questions about pronunciation, check the reference demo. For example “neither” is pronounced “neether” in this version.) It’s important to follow the on screen instructions, especially with regards to the beep we’ll be using to synchronize the track.

If you don’t already have a YouTube account, create one for yourself to upload the video when you’re done. Try to keep it at the highest quality possible when you record and upload.

Once your video has been uploaded, fill out the submission form below. The submission link we require is the URL to your YouTube upload. We need your email address in case we need to contact you. It will not be shared with anyone else. You have an opportunity to provide us with some information about yourself. This is where you can link people to your personal website or other information like that. Whatever you decide to write in your personal profile will be uploaded to our participants’ page when the project is complete so that people can look you up and find out more about you.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for being a part of this. We can’t wait to see your faces and hear your voices. Have fun!

Original Performance

Note: The timing of final notes after the pause have been changed since this performance was recorded.
Please refer to the conductor videos for accurate timing.

Sheet Music – Soprano

Sheet Music – Alto

Sheet Music – Tenor

Sheet Music – Baritone

Conductor Video – Soprano

Conductor Video – Alto

Conductor Video – Tenor

Conductor Video – Baritone